10 Things I Learned Planning My Wedding

Planning a wedding is one of the most stressful life events, but it doesn’t have to be.

As a 42 year old first time bride, I wanted to keep the wedding as simple as possible. We selected a small, intimate venue where we could visit with guests and keep them engaged in the fun. We chose not to have a wedding party. My stepsons stood up for us and acted as ring bearers. All in all, I’d say our simple setup allowed us to focus on celebrating with our guests. It was a fun evening!

Here’s what I learned from planning my wedding:

  1. Focus on the marriage. The wedding is just one day. My friend told me this just after I got engaged, and that’s where my now-husband and I focused our attention. Seating charts and table linens don’t matter as much when you’re more focused on each other and the life you’re building together.

I am only getting married once so it had to be special. We are relieved that it didn’t break the bank or stress us to the point of not enjoying our wedding. Ultimately, it was a great experience because we did what felt right for us and left the rest to our trusted vendors, family, and friends.

McAuley Lopez Wedding Vendors

Antique Wedding House (Michele)

LIA Photography Sophia Floral Design Graceful Cakes

Direct Sounds DJs (Jeff)

Studio Lilley (Tiffiny)

Goof Booth Photo Booths

Originally published at http://www.mcauleymusings.com on March 13, 2016.



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Anne McAuley Lopez

Anne McAuley Lopez is an Author, Content Writer for marketing agencies, and Cancer Warrior. She loves dogs, wine, and fighting for what is right.