The Unappreciated Man Finds Love

Anne McAuley Lopez
2 min readFeb 25, 2015


As an observer of the world, I am always asking people about their businesses, lives, and experiences. One experience that is clear to me is that when an unappreciated man finds someone who appreciates him, it rocks his world, in a good way.

Last year I wrote An Open Letter to Women Who Don’t Appreciate Their Men. It was an ode of sorts to men who save the world. When they leave their superhero cape on the floor, their unappreciative wife bitches about it or worse, withholds sex.

At the time I was single and observing the men in my life who were unappreciated. Believe me when I say there was a lot to observe once I started paying attention. And it made me sad.

My single friends and I wondered why their wives didn’t see what we could see — sweet, kind, giving, loving, thoughtful men. The biggest news to learn was they don’t all stay in marriages where they are unappreciated.

Sometimes you meet him on a rainy Saturday when you’re out bowling with your friends.

When you have given up on online dating because they are doofuses.

When you think the best place for you is a one bedroom apartment where you can write your sad life and lick your wounds of loving someone who couldn’t love you back.

When you’re not looking for love but God has other plans.

That’s when you meet him.

That’s when you rock his world because when he leaves his superhero cape on the floor, you just pick it up and put it in the laundry.

Truth be told, that’s when he rocks your world too.

It feels good to be appreciated.

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