What is my Process When Working with Agencies? — Agency Content Writer

  • Networking. I met my first agency client through the local chamber of commerce. She was developing websites and dabbling in Google Business and social media. I worked with her team on website copywriting as well as blog writing projects.
  • Client Referrals. I met one of my agencies through another client. We realized we had complementary skill sets and offerings. Since that time, he has moved to work with an SEO web developer and has taken me with him as a content writer. That’s the value of relationship building for your business.
  • SEO on my website. My newest agency client found me via a Google search. He came across the Ultimate Guide to Hiring a Content Writer and called me. It was good to hear SEO efforts were effective for my business, not just for my clients!

Initial Call or Zoom

  1. How well they know their business
  2. How well they know their clients
  3. The type of project or ongoing work they have in mind.

Agreement When Working with Agencies

Onboarding Call

Billing Agencies

If you’re thinking of hiring a content writer for an upcoming project or sold a blogging package and need a writer, I’d love to connect with you. Email me at info@agencycontentwriter.com or call 480–206–6452.



Anne McAuley Lopez is an Author, Content Writer for marketing agencies, and Cancer Warrior. She loves dogs, wine, and fighting for what is right.

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